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When you feel good, it shows in everything you do. You're confident and kind, productive and positive. You have a smile for a stranger, a pat on the back for yourself and others.

As human beings, we all have good days and bad. It's why we must pay attention to our physical health and mental health. Wellbeing isn't automatic or intuitive or magical; there are definitive skills and techniques to employ on a consistent basis. It's perfectly fine and acceptable to seek advice from trained professionals.

You are not alone. Frustrations and problems happen to everyone. It's important to deal with issues instead of stuffing them down or bottling them up. No matter how trivial or complex you think your situation is, a professionally trained and licensed psychologist can help.

Talking, communicating, connecting. This is what we do at Feinberg & Associates. We listen. We help. Developing a specific treatment plan for you as an individual is one of the benefits of calling Feinberg & Associates.

Based in Lexington, Ky., our dedicated clinicians and staff are board-certified and directed by Dr. David Feinberg. We are recognized members and active associates of the American Psychology Association.

Identifying specific problems is a necessary step in the development of a treatment plan, the evaluation determines what type of treatment is most likely to be beneficial.

Trust. Confidentiality. Support.

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